Springtime Cupcakes

April 26, 2012
By: Lisa Gofberg
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Lisa Gofberg
My kids love cupcakes and they especially love being part of the baking process which culminates in them pouring sprinkles all over the top to decorate post frosting.  In the end we have sprinkles all over the kitchen, empty bottles of sprinkles (those things add up!) and cupcakes that crunch when you eat them.  Next time I make cupcakes with the kids, I'm trying this for an easy and less messy approach that will still delight! Thanks, Lisa Gofberg for the great idea!

What You'll Need:
- Package of cake mix with required ingredients
- Frosting
- Bag of standard size marshmallows
- Gumdrops (any color)

1. Make cupcakes using cake mix as described on box.
2. Bake, cool and frost.

3. With kitchen shears, cut marshmallow in to circles. (I was able to get four circles per marshmallow)

4. Squeeze one end of each marshmallow to make it look like a flower petal.

5. Place six marshmallow petals around each frosted cupcake to create the flower.

6. Place a gumdrop in the center.

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1) Jennifer Ellis said:
You can also add some color by painting the petals with some food coloring thinned with a little water. Super cute and the easiest way to make flowers when decorating.
4 years, 6 months ago
2) Stacy - Mac Kid said:
Great idea! Thanks for the tip Jennifer!
4 years, 6 months ago

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