Conversation Heart Prompts

Get the Family Talking with these Dinner Table Conversation Starters

By Jen Anderson, West Chester Macaroni Kid Publisher February 3, 2020

Use these love-themed conversation starters to get the family talking around the dinner table. Each night, pull out one heart and go around the table having each person answer the question. The conversation starters are simple and kid-friendly, but fun so you can keep the kids interested and chatting. There are no rules about how to get the conversation started.

Here's what you'll need:
A jar or other container to hold your hearts
Paper for hearts - I used red, pink, purple, white
A list of questions or sentence starters - Click HERE for a free printable! You can cut these out and paste them to your paper hearts.

Here's what you do:
1. Cut out small hearts from your colored paper - have the kids help! We cut 4 to a page on a standard piece of construction paper.

2. Write one conversation starter on each heart.

3. Place all the hearts in the jar and pull one out each day to talk about. Once you've used a heart you can hang it up in your dining area, or even save it for next year.

You could do one each day leading up to Valentine's Day, or you can continue the fun for the entire month of February. Enjoy finding out more about each other and talking over dinner!

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