Admissions Are Open For 2021 Spring Break Robotics Training Camps

February 12, 2021

NOW is the best time to learn robotics and programming, as these rapidly growing fields are in high demand across multiple industries. By learning robotics and programming, you will not only obtain a greater insight into technology, but also:

● Gain a competitive advantage when applying for colleges, internships, and jobs, and broaden your employment and career opportunities. There is currently a shortage of programmers and robotics engineers here in Louisville and worldwide.

○ Become self-motivated and do great things! Through robotics and programming, you have the ability to create extraordinary devices that are instrumental in improving and enhancing our lives.

● Cultivate creative outlets that are only limited by your imagination.

○ Become empowered by gaining insight into how various devices work, and even create custom devices, gadgets, and games to fulfill your needs.

● Improve your communication skills. Robotics and programming, both, teach you how to methodically break down complex ideas, and systematically arrange them in a way that a robot and/or computer can understand.

○ Develop perseverance and the mental tenacity to overcome and succeed in your endeavors. It is very rare that a robot and/or computer program will work on the first try. It’s not uncommon for engineers to scrap hours of work, in order to try a completely different approach.

● Provide innovative solutions to problems. Robotics and programming are used daily in efficiently solving complex problems and performing arduous tasks.

At Advanced Ingenuity Labs, admissions are open for the 2021 Spring Break training camps - Robotics: Fundamentals and Microcontrollers.

These training camps are for high school students (ages 15-18), and offer:
● Expert, instructor-led, in-person, project-oriented training
○ Hands-on training lab sessions
● 5:1 student to instructor ratio
○ Limited seating, so register early

Important note: we strictly adhere to the federal and state protocols (provided in the Healthy at Work guidelines) to limit the spread of COVID-19, and to uphold the health and safety of our students and their families.

To register, and for more information, visit us online:

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