Clean-Crafted Wine Delivered to Your Doorstep? Of Course!

By Erin Gordon Grady, Independent Wine Consultant, Scout & Cellar March 15, 2021

Well Kentuckians, it’s your time! Scout & Cellar, the world’s only Clean-Crafted wine is now delivering directly to your doorstep!  What’s the reason to celebrate?

Beyond organic, Scout & Cellar wine is always free of synthetic pesticides with no added chemicals, sweeteners or colorings. The wine is independently lab tested to ensure our rigorous Clean-Crafted standards are met. Scout & Cellar partners with family farms and small vineyards all over the world who practice sustainable farming and care about our environment. The results?  A more delicious wine in your glass that is better for you and our planet.

Opening your front door and seeing a box from Scout & Cellar is like getting a special present for yourself. There is no better way to say “welcome home”!  Whether it’s a regular delivery from our Scout Circle Wine Club or that box of a la carte wines that you thoughtfully selected, it’s always the most anticipated arrival.

“I really appreciate that a variety of amazing healthier wines just appear at my door. I don’t have to think about it and can just enjoy.” ~ John L.

“I stopped drinking wine for years due to inflammation and other unpleasant side effects.  I tried Scout & Cellar and realized that it wasn’t wine that was the problem, it was all the junk that’s in many mass-produced wines. I can enjoy a great glass of wine (or two!) and feel good the next day.”  ~ Gale R.

Not only can you experience the Clean-Crafted difference yourself, but the most joy also comes from sharing it with others as a wine consultant with Scout & Cellar. Wine is social by nature. It brings people together. As a wine consultant, you get to enjoy our wide variety of wines, work within the pockets of your day around what you’re already doing in your work and home, and have the opportunity to get paid while doing it! It’s an amazing, creative professional community of wine lovers committed to living life consciously, on purpose, and sharing their passion with others.  

As a wine consultant, “I found a great community of like-minded people that I didn’t even realize I was looking for. Many already have become close friends and like family.” ~ Nicole M.

“Being a wine consultant just fits into my life. When I get together with my girlfriends, I bring the wine. A birthday...I give wine. Attending a dinner party, I bring the wine.” ~ Kathleen C.

“I love working with a company that cares about their product, the environment, and the community, and of course, who doesn’t love wine!” ~ Tara W.

To try Scout & Cellar wines or learn more about becoming a consultant, click here 

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